Prof. Bayram awarded under DOE’s ARPA-E, the ULTRAFAST program

for project titled “Diamond Photoconductive Semiconductor Switches“. The photoconductive semiconductor switches offer very fast bypass capability at as low a level of integration as possible to prevent power outages that affects half a million Americans on average daily and costs American households $150 billion annually. Yet, the traditional PCSS, invented in 1970, cannot reach the […]

Prof. Bayram delivers the Northwestern University ECE Distinguished Seminar

Prof. Bayram delivered the Northwestern University ECE Distinguished Seminar titled “(Ultra)Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Revolution” on Nov. 21, 2023. Thank you, the Wildcats, for the love of semiconductors.—The 21st century is the age of semiconductors. In all aspects of modern life, we utilize semiconductor technologies. From lighting to communication and computing to transportation, we rely on semiconductors […]


Graduate Research Opportunities Our group has immediate openings in three areas: (1) photonics, (2) high-speed electronics, and (3) power electronics with a focus on AlGaInN and Diamond (ultra)wide bandgap semiconductors. Please contact Prof. Can Bayram directly via email (and should attach their CV and unofficial UG/GRAD transcripts) to inquire about the position/project openings. Undergraduate Research […]

Prof. Bayram recognized as the Intel Alumni Endowed Faculty Scholar

Prof. Bayram is honored to be recognized as the Intel Alumni Endowed Faculty Scholar in the ECE Illinois. Many thanks to University of Illinois faculty research and the talents of its alumni contributing to the success of one of the country’s leading high-tech companies, Intel. With the stipend, ICORLAB will be able to further its […]