Prof. Bayram awarded under DOE’s ARPA-E, the ULTRAFAST program

for project titled “Diamond Photoconductive Semiconductor Switches“.

The photoconductive semiconductor switches offer very fast bypass capability at as low a level of integration as possible to prevent power outages that affects half a million Americans on average daily and costs American households $150 billion annually. Yet, the traditional PCSS, invented in 1970, cannot reach the voltage/current levels at the voltage/current slew-rates as required to do so. Thanks to the ARPA-E ULTRAFAST, ICORLAB led by Prof. Can Bayram in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering will pursue diamond photoconductive semiconductor switches (PCSS) that can eliminate the half-a-century-old tradeoff in PCSS between power handling and speed to unlock lasting transformative resiliency advances by faster actuation of power semiconductor technologies.

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