Prof. Bayram delivers the Northwestern University ECE Distinguished Seminar

Prof. Bayram delivered the Northwestern University ECE Distinguished Seminar titled “(Ultra)Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Revolution” on Nov. 21, 2023. Thank you, the Wildcats, for the love of semiconductors.

The 21st century is the age of semiconductors. In all aspects of modern life, we utilize semiconductor technologies. From lighting to communication and computing to transportation, we rely on semiconductors for comfort, safety, and sustainability. Today, we are switching to solid-state lighting for halving our lighting electricity usage, 5G communication for networked devices, and autonomous systems for land/sea/air transportation. Our reliance on semiconductors is only to evolve as solid-state lighting extends into horticulture and medicine, new communication spectra above 95 gigahertz open opportunities for 6G and beyond networking, and space exploration leads to space settlements. Prof. Bayram understands, controls, and exploits semiconductor technologies and creates an innovative research and education platform considering the needs of not only the current but also of the next generation. In this talk, he will share his group’s recent breakthroughs on cubic III-nitride for lighting and beyond and diamond electronics for electricity grids.