Open Boundary Quantum LED Simulator is now available

Open Boundary Quantum LED Simulator (OBQ-LEDsim) is the next-generation self-consistent quantum-corrected drift-diffusion simulator that eliminates artificial boundaries between quantum wells and classical continuum. It Eliminates the discontinuities of carrier concentrations caused by the artificial boundary conditions, Numerically captures the wavefunction penetration into barriers and other regions, Models the recombination rates outside active regions with higher […]

Prof. Bayram gave a series of Invited Talks

Prof. Bayram gave a series of invited talks titled “Monolithic Integration of III-V emitters on Si for Ultra-low-power Photonics” and “Through Physics and Smart Materials, Breaking the Efficiency (Droop) Barrier in Light Emitting Diodes for the Ultimate Solid-State Lighting”. Many thanks to the Center for Aggressive Scaling by Advanced Processes for Electronics and Photonics, University […]

Prof. Bayram awarded under DOE’s ARPA-E, the OPEN program

for project titled “Green Light Emitting Diodes for the Ultimate Solid-State Lighting“. Thanks to the ARPA-E OPEN, ICORLAB led by Prof. Can Bayram in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering will pursue direct-emitting novel green light emitting diodes (LEDs) that can enable accelerated solid-state lighting (SSL) adoption to reduce lighting-related energy needs and greenhouse […]

Prof. Bayram awarded under ONR Accelerated Learning and Engineering Research Training Program

in Cyber and Electronic Warfare for Undergraduate Midshipmen and Cadets for project titled “Research on Next Generation Power Electronics“. “UI awarded grant to train ROTC students in cyber, electronic warfare,” by Kimberly Belser, The Grainger College of Engineering, 3/17/2021.