Journal paper highlighted as the Front Cover

ACS Omega selected our work (ACS Omega 5, 3917 – 3923 (2020) as the issue Front Cover.

The cover art illustrates the crystal structure and band alignments of zincblende AlN/GaN/InN heterostructures. The innovative zincblende III-nitrides material system featuring type-I band alignment and polarization-free nature is beneficial to capture both electrons and holes for recombination and has broad emission wavelength ranging from ultraviolet, blue, green, to red spectrum.

Front Cover

Team Cubic LEDs selected as a 2019 National Inventors Hall of Fame Collegiate Inventors Competition Finalist

Team Cubic LEDs [Graduate Student: Mr. Richard Liu, Advisor: Prof. Can Bayram] invented a method for enabling single-crystal single-phase cubic GaN semiconductors. U of I U.S. Patent 10,027,086 (issued July 17, 2018) lays the foundations for enabling this next phase of III-nitride materials for advanced light emitting diodes and transistors. 

National Inventors Hall of Fame Collegiate Inventors Competition (held since 1990) selected Team Cubic LEDs and this co-invention as one of the five graduate finalists in this year’s competition. 

Richard will represent U of I as a finalist with our invention on Oct 29-30th in Washington DC in front of the distinguished Hall of Famers.

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