Journal paper highlighted as the Front Cover

ACS Omega selected our work (ACS Omega 5, 3917 – 3923 (2020) as the issue Front Cover. The cover art illustrates the crystal structure and band alignments of zincblende AlN/GaN/InN heterostructures. The innovative zincblende III-nitrides material system featuring type-I band alignment and polarization-free nature is beneficial to capture both electrons and holes for recombination and […]

Journal paper published

“Impact of dislocations on the thermal conductivity of gallium nitride studied by time-domain thermoreflectance,” J. Appl. Phys. 126, 185103 (2019). Select Highlights by – Illinois New Bureau – WCIA – EurekAlert – – – Compound Semiconductor – Semiconductor Today – Semiconductor Today 14 (9) p23, Nov./Dec. 2019