Yi-Chia joins ASML Corporation

Yi-Chia defended his doctoral thesis on April 4th, 10:00 am. Yi-Chia will be responsible for designing and developing algorithms to improve performance and accuracy of the world-leading lithography models for microchip manufacturing. His team is based at San Jose, CA. Congrats to Dr. Yi-Chia Tsai and thanks to all our sponsors for supporting his research.

Congrats to the entire Spring class of ECE 443 LEDs and Solar Cells and Best Project Awardees!

“ECE 443 Course Project Highlights: Improved Solar Cells for Low Earth Orbit Constellation Satellites and the Fight Against COVID-19“‘, by Joseph Park, ECE ILLINOIS, 5/20/2020. “Illinois ECE graduate student develops sustainable disinfection system for N-95 masks in Haiti“, by Joseph Park, ECE ILLINOIS, 5/20/2020.

Hsuan-Ping joins Intel

Hsuan-Ping defended his doctoral thesis successfully on Jan. 16th, 2 pm in HMNTL 3003. Hsuan-Ping joins Intel as a Transistor/Interconnect Process/Device Development Engineer. He will mainly be responsible for leading scientific research to enable design, definition of transistor/interconnect architecture and high volume manufacturing of products with innovative microprocessors. His team is based at the Hillsboro […]