Innovative COmpound semiconductoR LABoratory is led by Can Bayram in the ECE ILLINOIS. We are physically located in the Nick Holonyak, Jr Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory.

ECE ILLINOIS is home to legendary research. ICORLAB is standing on the shoulders of emeritus faculty Joseph Tykociner (the inventor of sound on film), John Bardeen (co-inventor of transistor), Nick Holonyak (the father of LEDs) and alumni Jack Kilby (the inventor of integrated circuit), Chih-Tang Sah (co-inventor of CMOS), and Alfred Cho (the father of molecular beam epitaxy).

We are exploring novel III-V materials and hetero-structures so as to enable energy-efficient and scalable photonic and electronic devices as solutions to the grand challenges in energy, communication, and health.

ICORLAB is home of the Open Boundary Quantum LED Simulator (OBQ-LEDsim), the next-generation self-consistent quantum-corrected drift-diffusion simulator that eliminates artificial boundaries between quantum wells and classical continuum and leads the Higher Educational Initiative in Semiconductors (HIVE).

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